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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 10, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is wednesday, december, 20144. welcome to "cbs this morning." the man who was the argt text and planner of the cia both join us to defend the agency. stories of a gang rape unravels even further. we talk to the alleged victim's friend. forget about the football booth. they take the case to a judge to hear the mistake. >> your world in 90 seconds,
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today's "eye opener." what it does is endangers everybody overseas. it was a big step in the wrong direction. the senate releases an explosive report on the cia. >> among the fiepgds they did not produce intelligence that mattered or made america safer. john brennan put out a statement saying, yes, there were mistakes made but it saved americaned lives. >> this is simply not true. >> so he's lying? are you saying he's lying? >> now wait a minute. >> mother nature unleashing a heck of a storm on the northeast. >> heavy rain, snow, powerful winds from pennsylvania to points north. >> meantime soaking rain was on its way to california. >> a fire at a senior living facility in dallas. many people were rescued. >> at least one of the victims did not survive. >> it was taken to streets coast to coast. >> protests in berkeley halting traffic on a freeway. >> the royal couple staying busy on the third and final day.
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>> they ended their trip at a black tie event at the metropolitan museum of art. >> you wish they were staying longer. >> absolutely. >> nfl commissioner roger goodell expected to develop a tough new code. >> quarterback cam newton has fractures in his lower back after a two-vehicle crash just outside the stadium in charlotte. >> all that and an accident caught in sydney on dash cam. >> oh, my gosh. >> victoria's secret 2014 fashion show was all about the music. >> and all that matters. >> mayday here, mayday. >> boater missing for 12 days has been found alive south of honolulu. >> a lot of joy around the community to know that, okay, he's alive and he's going to be okay. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> we're in good shape. you guys have done a good job. >> they had to mack an emergency landing after a passenger gave birth mid flight. the parents called the birth a
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miracle while the airlines called it a second carry-on. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." the head of the cia insists a new report on its interrogation methods after 9/11 does not tell the whole story. senate intelligence committee democrats claim the agency brutalized terror suspects, misled congress and the white house. >> the report spells out the so-called terrorist enhancement details including keeping detainees awake for up to 180 hours, waterboarding, and vertical shackling. it resulted in permanent injuries and one death in hypothermia. that one detainee was held partially nude and held chained
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to a concrete floor. president obama praised its release. >> we took some steps contrary to our value, to our beliefs as some of the tactics that were written about were brutal. as i've said before, it constituted torture in my mind. that's not who we are. >> nancy cordes is on capitol hill with more of the fallout. good morning. >> good morning. this report is just as harsh as everyone expected. it says the cia hid the truth about these tactics for years and that it exaggerated the amount of intelligence that was produced in those brutal sessions. the report says the worst abuses took place in secret detention sites like ones where detainees were kept in total darkness and given buckets for human waechlt diane fine stain says those were
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mismanaged. >> they had history of personal, professional, and ethical problems of a serious nature. >> the report says at least 39 prisoners were subjected to enhanced interrogation between 2002 and 2009 and that the program was not effective because some detainees produced no intelligence while others provided significant accurate intelligence prior to or without these techniques. republicans on the intelligence committee say they looked at the same evidence and concluded the tactics did help them track down osama bin laden, foil a plot at heathrow airport and identify khalid sheikh mohammed as the main one involved with 9/11. >> that's a lot of intelligence collected turned cia program that this study tries to quietly sweep under the carpet. >> reporter: arizona republican john mccain who was tortured in
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vietnam saw things differently. >> i know from personal experience that the abuse of prisoners will produce more bad than good intelligence. >> reporter: the report says the report kept washington in the dark. one cia e-mail from 2003 said the white house is extremely concerned secretary of state colin powell would blow his stack if he were to be briefed on what was going on. even president bush wasn't briefed until 2006 after the start of the program. >> there are probably a lot of americans who will say, you know what? these guys are responsible for killing thousands of americans, i don't care if they were waterboarded or sleep deprievd. >> yes, there's some of that and it's quite possible to feel that way, but, you know, we're a country that doesn't do this. >> her report says a lot of the dirty work was done by a pair of
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contract contractors, psychologists that came up with the tactics, came up with the interrogations and were paid by the cia $81 million. >> thank you. joe spoke to "60 minutes" back in 2007 after he left office. he told scott pelley the techniques he authorized did not go too far. >> we don't torture people. let me say that again to you. we don't torture people. >> come on, george. >> we don't torture. >> khalid sheikh mohammed. >> we don't torture. >> waterboarding. >> we don't torture people. >> no, listen to me. >> i want you to listen to me. the context is it's post-9/11. i've got records of apartment buildings that are going to blow up, airports that are going to be blown up. i don't know what's going on in the united states and i'm struggling to find out where the next disaster's going to occur.
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everybody forgets one central context of what we lived through, the pap panel fear we felt on the basis of the fact that there was so much we did not know. >> but what you're essentially saying is some people need to be tortured. >> no, did not say that. i did not say that. >> you're telling me you did not torture -- >> listen to me. >> you're calling it in the book -- >> i'm not having a semantic debate with you. i'm telling you what i believe. >> mike morell served under him. he was deputy director from 2010 until last year and was acting director when the agency responded to the report. lots of opinions. characterize what you know about the report from what you know inside the cia and characterize what was done and why. >> charlie.
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this is a deeply flawed report and it's flawed in two was. one is that many of its conclusions are simply wrong. for example, not effective, not true. they lied to congress, to the department of justice, simply not true. the republicans agree with that. >> except john mccain and lindsey graham. >> correct. but second, it leaves out part of the story. what portion does it leave out. it leaves out the extensive studies. when they were breached in 2002, 2003, 2004, they supported this program and some even thought we did not go far enough. >> not whether it was legal then and whether you had authorization.
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when you look at what was done would you call that torture today? >> one of the reasons he reacted so strong ler is they say this is legal, this is not torture. i react strongly when they say it. >> i react strongly too because the idea that somebody could be waterboarded 183 times and that's not torture, i don't understand that definition. i don't understand how forced enemas on someone is not torture. i don't understand how leaving someone awake for 180 hours is not torture. thing that's where the argument is. i think given the techniques that were used that are now banned, did they accomplish anything? did they lead to the capture and killing of oh sanaa bin laden? and that is still under debate. >> norah, when i was acting direct never 2013, this report showed up on my desk and i was essentially a blank slate because i was not involved in
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the program early on. so i was reading the senate report and i was looking at our response and i wanted to make sure that our response could stand up to scrutiny. i wanted to make sure our response was right. so i pored over this program in early 2013 like i have never pored over anything before. and when i walked away from studying the senate report, studying our response and talking to our officers, i actually became more convinced it led to the capture of more additional senior operatives that stopped plots that would have killed americans. i have no doubt about it. >> i think everybody, mike morell, would expect everybody to defend the cia. what is about it thatting is shameless and disgraceful. you heard president obama say it's not who we are. >> this is a great question and i a central question. was this right or was this
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wrong. this report never takes that important question on. and it's a difficult question because on the one hand you can say whal's the more reality of doing this to another human being. what's the more reality of doing this to another human being. >> it's inconsistent with what our country stands for on dignity and human rights. on the other hand, what's the more reality of not doing this. >> mike, in terms of everything that has happened since then, if its was today and all that has happened in this report, would you ought ride, would you ask to do the same thing today? >> you have to put it, charlie, in the context of the times and the times are different, so i don't know. the context of the times, take george's discussion here a little further. 3,000 people had just been killed. we had credible intelligence reporting that there was a
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second attack, that obama bin laden was meeting with scientists. we were not learning anything from them. >> it's amazing that the cia had itself concluded that these techniques were counterproductive. >> they were not counterproductiv counterproductive. >> if they were okay about it -- there were documents. they were aafraid to tell kfrai president about this. >> tl president of the united states approved the program. all you have to do is read his book where he says he knew about the program. >> he said he was uncomfortable with two techniques but the record also shows he wasn't
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breefd by a cia director about how it was being carried out. >> or a national security adviser. >> so you knew everything going on, george? >> yes. >> or mike. are you -- >> yes. because of this report they said they're going to in crease their attacks in afghanistan. >> make, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. they also criticize the senate report. we'll talk with jose rodriguez, the former cia director of the clan december stein servistine s morning. >> firefighters worked to russ skew people. more than 150 firefighters fought the flames and rescued 300 residents. many were in wheel chais or needed extra help. at least three people were taken to the hospital. a drenching nor'easter is moving away from the k this
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morning but not before leading wet and code weather. roads became drenched sending trash cans floating down the street. in massachusetts huge waves crashed into seawall seawalls. in maine, the nor'easter was welcomed. they're celebrating there. danielle niles of cbs station wbz shows us what to expect in the next few days. good morning. >> good morning. snow loaves are loving this as well. that's because this big upper-level low is going sit over the northeast and spip. that will mean cold air coming in on the backside of it. you'll see it here in the hour-by-hour forecast. snow in new york and western new england. coast to coast more areas of rain but overnight temperatures will drop back to around freezing, so that will create
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icy patches. some of these showers are going to linger as we head into the next week. stretching back to the spine of the green mountains. back to you. >> thank you. there are new question this morning over the story of an alleged gang rape. a friend of jackie is criticizing "rolling stone" magazine. julianna, good morning. >> good morning. we spoke with alex pingleton. she's a friend of jackies and a victim of a sexual assault. she spoke about her own story with a reporter but the reporter chose jacky's story because it was more extreme. >> reporter: she says the reporter had an agenda for her
7:17 am
story, find a very innocent victim and a monstrous perpetrator. >> it's not hard to find a lot of survivors here and a lot of survivors that have stories that are more verifiable. >> pingleton says the pressure is responsible for the inconsistencies. >> i definitely believe jackie was assaulted. since that night, they've all said she looked distraught, she said she had been sexually assaulted, and that part has been consistent. >> reporter: in the article jackie said her three friends identified ads andy, cindy, and randall found her on a street corner, shaking in her blooded dress. cbs reached out by phone.
7:18 am
he told us he does not remember seeing visible injuries on jackie on the night in question and when he met her it was in front of the first year dorm. he said he was o never contacted by the "rolling stone." >> he said i just want to know what happened to her on that night. in an interview with the "washington post" university president teresa sullivan says uva has been working on a much larger problem that has been plaguing so many schools. it's not just all about the "rolen stones" story. "cbs this morning" reached out to "rolling stone" for comment about our interview, but they haven't gotten back to us yet. now, lawrence we receive add statement from an attorney who jackie has retand.
7:19 am
in the statement she writes as i'm sure you all can understand it's been stressful, overwhelming and retraumatizing for jackie and her family. >> thank you so much. it is 7:19. ahead on
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. the royals wrap up their american adventure in style. >> mark phillips looks at how william and kate left a fashionable mark on new york city. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. let's get your updated forecast. >> good morning, everybody. our nor'easter is still just churning a away and starting to close itself off, but what it will do for us is leave behind additional rain or snow showers. you can see bulk of moisture in this regional zoom on storm scan three is up to the north but with that said we have winter weather advisories posted in the poconos for a few additional inches of snow. strictly some non-accumulating rain or snow showers for everybody else and we will hit 40 degrees throughout the afternoon. still breeze tie so that means it feels colder. thirty-one overnight still with the snow shower around and very similar forecast coming our way tomorrow as well. by friday we can finally guarantee a dry day and it looks like quiet weather holds
7:27 am
through the weekend, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. >> good morning. we have live chopper three over the scene of the accident, this is second accident to happen on i-95 southbound just this morning. as we notice an accident compromising left and center lanes of the southbound side of i the 95 approaching bridge street. your commute out of the northeast will look like this, a waiting line, your delay stems all the way back towards woodhaven, so please give yourself some more time and again the accident is 95 southbound near bridge, your delay again throughout the northeast, 30's your average on the schuylkill, 39 on 476, expect rush hour ukee. >> thanks, torey our next update 7:55. up next on cbs this morning why a district judge is refereeing a saying involving a high school
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this is a video of the dense fog that hit the ft. worth area yesterday. the time lapsed video shows the skyline disappearing under the blanket of fog. at one point all that was visit is the tops of buildings. the entire city disappeared. that's a cool picture. >> it is. >> that's your home state, norah. >> they say things are big in texas. >> including fog. >> including fog. coming up on "cbs this morning," the royals' visit. the visit and whether they lived up to the expectations. a high school football game,
7:31 am
a judge could order them back on the field to replay part of the game. that's ahead. the "washington post" says congressional leaders reaching a spending deal to avoid a government shutdown. tomorrow the $1 trillion spending package includes $64 billion for overseas military operations including the fight against isis, 5.4 billion to battle ebola and 1.2 billion to deal with the influx of incoming unaccompanied children. team owners meet in texas. goodell tells the journal he blew it in the handling of players. under the new policy players would immediately go on paid leave followed formal charges or an independent investigation. >> "the charlotte observer" says cam newton is expected to be released from the hospital today. he suffered two fractures in his back after his truck collided
7:32 am
with another vehicle yesterday in charlotte. the team spokesman could not say whether cam newton will play sunday against tampa bay. and cnet uncovers a launch of a new t-mobile share plan. starting today t-mobile is offering unlimited talk, text to data for two lines. the plan costs $100 per month. that's a reduction of 29%. a new poll who thinks race relations are good in the united states is at its lowest point in 17 years. they say race relations are getting worse. only 12% say the force used against eric garner were justified. 91% sayon-duty police should ware body cameras meantime protesters rattled berkeley, california, for the fourth straight night over the
7:33 am
police-related deaths of eric garner and mike brown. there was a show of support for eric garner and his family. this morning they're studying the plane crash. monday six people died including two young children and their mother on the ground. a corporate jet crashed as it approached the montgomery county airport. jeff pegues is here. good morning. >> good morning. we're learning more about the victims killed in that crash. while three worked in the health care field the father who lost two children and his wife in the blink of an eye says his family has suffered a loss that no person should ever endure. when the plane crashed monday in a suburban maryland neighborhood, several homes were set on fire. firefighters found 36-year-old marie gemmell in one of them huddled over two children. the detectives believe marie was
7:34 am
trying to protect her kids from the debris. all three died of smoke inhalation. her husband ken gemmell is now taking care of their one surviving child arabel. no loss can be described asking for privacy so we can deal with some degree of normalcy as we try to rebuild. the ntsb is trying to determine what brought the plane down. stall, stall, stall, stall. >> that was the automated warning the ntsb heard on the voice and flight data recorders 20 seconds before the crash. >> there were large excursions in pitch and in roll. >> three persons on the plane died including the pilot dr. mike rosenberg. in 2010 he crashed a turboprop
7:35 am
plane nose down at the same airport which is less than a mile from the crash site. at least a dozen planes have crashed at that airport in the last two decades it's been busier and busier. we kind of half heartedly talk about this, hopefully we're not home. but sure enough they were home. >> mike rosenberg hat more thd . they say decide information they call preliminary it's clear to them the plane was not moving fast enough as it was coming into that airport. gayle? >> a sad story for that man right before christmas. the duke and duchess of cambridge, they're back in england after a three-day whirl winld to the united states. they capped off the trip with a trip to the metropolitan museum
7:36 am
of aefrmt mark phillips, lucky guy, travelled with them. lucky man. do you feel you're lucky? >> there may be a few more fans after this visit. the prince with new york at his feet. it would be a bit of an exaggeration to say this summed up the royal visit, but just a bit. whether on top of the empire state building or getting down with the kids at a community scepter or hobnobbing with sporting royalty or in solemn remembrance at the 9/11 memorial or making a glamorous entry to the gala dinner last night, this is a couple that scrubs up well. there is even more pressure on these young royals because the expectation is so high. william and kate are not just supplying poised to be regal. they're supposed to be accessible and they're supposed to be fashionistas, or at least
7:37 am
she is. when the duchess shows up, they tweet who designed her dress. jenny pack ham, if you're interested. she's worn it before, twice, because she's just an ordinary girl who happened to marry a pitcher. that's what, writes dana schuster/endures her. >> she lived with him for ten years before she got married. she wears zara and wears it again and again. >> reporter: princess diana set the royal model for glamor. william campaigns against rare animal trafficking. kate works for underprivileged kids, and they dress it all up so well. none of the royals' image making is an accident. they've got a very slick p.r. team and it's about to get
7:38 am
slicker. they've hire add new hot young spin doctor, an american. >> do they need a spin doctor? >> everyone needs a spin doctor. >> everyone knows i'm smitten with you, mark, so i won't embarrass you, but what did you think about kate's dress? did you love it? >> i thought she looked terrific. she does look terrific. there's no denying it. it's the whole thing. >> they do this thing pretty well, don't they? >> not only do they do it well. they're doing it better and better. they're getting better at it. they're hiring people who are quite clever at doing it and they're actually doing what they hoped to do which is create a blaps between their public and private lives. new house in the country, new job for him, new kid. what could go wrong? >> after the party they flew back. >> charlie said it best. i'm thrilled you're at the
7:39 am
table. are you as thrilled to see me as i am to see you? >> i am. and can i go now? >> do you have plans for dinner? >> enough is enough. >> enough is enough. >> thanks, mark. >> sorry about that. >> charlie just said welcome to my world. >> all right. high school football official didn't know the rules lchl a judge have to lay down the law. why a court case may send two teams back to the field. that's next. and tomorrow on "cbs this morning," why this construction project seems to drag on forever. we'll have that story for you tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning." if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic...
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an oklahoma judge this morning is being asked to order a do-over of a high school football game. it was a costly blunder by the referee referees. anna werner is at the site in oklahoma. >> they were defeated by the pirates in that local final quarter game but they say they would have won were it not for the officials dropping the ball in the game's final moments. down a point and with a little over a minute left in the game, trojans' quarterback patrick mckofman unleashed this 58-yard touchdown pass. you're walking down the field, you're watching him, and what are you thinking that moment? >> we did it. >> reporter: dedid it. >> we just advanced to the playoff finals. >> reporter: as the play unfoeltded the coach got too close to the field and bumped an
7:45 am
official. according to the book the trojans should have been penalized but the referees instead called the touchdown back, wiping out the trojans' lead and their playoff hopes. >> i felt like family members taken away. >> reporter: the trojan school district is asking the judge for the final minutes to be rerey played, if not the entire game. you do have anybody looking at you and saying look, don't be whiners. it's football? >> yeah. but it's kids. >> reporter: they say these called shout be made on the field, not in a courtroom. >> locust grove as you may have heard had a touchdown. do you give them the right to demand that it be played from the first quarter on?
7:46 am
>> reporter: adam goldberger who has studied previous lawsuits says officials don't want to take from the bench. >> maybe it will take four hours and the official review can take four days or a week and hear about it in "the new york times" or cbs a couple of weeks left and then we kuo onto the next game. sounded like a lot of fun, doesn't it? >> reporter: they told "cbs this morning" at this time the team is still preparing for the state's semifinal game and we hope everything turns out well in the court racase. if the trojans win, if the judge rules in their favor, the pirates say they'll go to court too. as for the officiating crew that made the mistake, well, they've been rep panhandle and banned for any of the remaining playoff games. norah? >> what a battle. >> doesn't seem right.
7:47 am
>> it doesn't seem right. >> it seems like when you open the door, you do open the door. >> exactly. all right. ahead. a special delivery. see what happened when a southwest airline jet got an >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. and it's a blast to drive. oh, so you've driven it? [motor racing]
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well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ a southwest airline is giving new meaning to baby on board. the pilot diverted to los angeles but guess what? the baby boy arrived before landing. many oven the flight didn't know what was happening until the newborn started crying. >> i'm like, there's no babies on this flight. and then the woman sitting there said, she just gave birth, and we're like -- >> luckily a doctor and nurse
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get right over to katie for your forecast, yesterday talking about that nor'easter. is it sticking around. >> we are dealing with the residual impacts from the same storm, erika but thankfully the worst is done. the long since done for our area we are still seeing winter weather advisory for the pocono region for snow showers that will likely leave behind a few inches of accumulating snow but that is the exception. everybody else is just looking at rain or snow showers through the rest of the day. as we take you outside to a quiet whitefield elementary school. damp on the pavement there. temperatures up to 41. it will feel chillier anytime wind blows but additional rain or snow showers on the back side of the storm are the theme today and tomorrow and
7:57 am
then we will finally quiet down for friday and weekend. >> thanks very much. it has been a very difficult drive, for anyone trying to make their way from the northeast down towards center city philadelphia southbound i-95 we had an earlier accident, that was cleared and then another accident occurred, not too far from that same point. we are dealing, with residual traffic and rush hour. woodhaven down through the vine street expressway is the squeeze, big delays westbound on the schuylkill around city avenue, 47 is your average on 476, and watch out for 42 and 55. erika. our next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning wal-mart's plans for the future, your local news co
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
its is wednesday, december 10th, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's a new report blasting the cia. why the tests did protect american lives but first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. >> it says the cia skpaj rated the amount of intelligence that was produced in those brutal sessions. >> not effective, not true. lied to the congress, lied to the white house, lied to the department of justice. slim i not true. >> congressmen who were briefed in 2002, 2003, 2004, and some thought it didn't go far enough.
8:01 am
>> coastline to coastline, more areas of rain. >> it's not hard to find a lot of survivors here and a lot of survivors that have stories that are more verifiable. >> they're gone but there's more. there may be a few more fans after the visit. >> i'm thrilled you're at the table. are you as thrilled to see me as i am of you in. >> i am. and can i go now? >> the trojans, they say they would have won were it not for the officials dropping the ball in the game's final moments. >> they're like family members taken away. >> scientists say they're getting closer to developing a pill to replace exercise. americans say it had better come in cool ranch flavor. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. supporters this morning reject a damning report on the agency's conduct after 9/11. the study accuses the cia of
8:02 am
lying about a brutal terrorism program. they say id did nod make americans safer. >> they looket at 119 detainees. 39 were subjected to so-called enhanced interrogation. some were waterboarded, slammed into walls, kept awake while standing and put into ice baths. there were five cases of force-feeding liquids through the lower intestinintestines. >> the cia has other ways of gaining information. it's getting assets, we've got very good human information, we've got satellite information, and there are ways of putting picture together. and what we're saying is that the picture to a great extent was put together before the
8:03 am
enhanced interrogation techni e techniques. >> officials involved in the program insist they produced information that saved american lives. joining us now is jose rodriguez, former director of the cia clandestine service. he oversaw the intear grags program. good morning. >> good morning. how are you in. >> i'm good. let me pick up on what was said. were there enhanced forms of ingargs used, understanding that you had permission and it had been declared legal, was it necessary or were there other means of getting information as senator feinstein suggested? >> yes, it was necessary. and let me give you a little history lesson on this. at the time of 9/11, we had general information that an attack was coming, but we didn't know when, where, how, and the reason was was because the informants, the agents that we had were on the periphery of the leadership, so we really did not
8:04 am
have any inside information. wuch we captured abu us know of upcoming attacks we decided to go with an enhanced interrogation program and once that happened we started to learn about the organization. we got information that added to our base information. we were able to capture and kill the entire al qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11. we were able to protect the homeland. we were able to save lives, and that is the bottom line. >> it's been report thad you ordered some of the interrogation tapes to be destroyed. why did you do that? >> i ordered the destruction of the tapes for two reasons. the first reason was to protect the identity of the people who work for me. they were all over the tapes.
8:05 am
i knew the tapes would leak some day and i feared retribution from al qaeda for my people. the second reason is i feared once the tape leaked to the mass media, mainstream media, they would make a distinction between abu ghraib that led to illegal activity as the program i led that was certified and league. >> one of the stunning things in the report is who conducted some of these enhanced interrogation techniques or torture. one of the things disclosed is that the agency hired two psychologists who had no real interrogation experience, had no counterterrorism experience, no experience with al qaeda, and that they were paid $81 million to craft this program. was that necessary? >> you know what? this is really an incredible charge because the bottom line with the program that they
8:06 am
helped us put together was that it was extremely successful. the charge that these people have never done any interrogation is not truchlt these people were experts on the program which is a military training program that trains our people, how do we stand interrogation tactics. they had knowledge and background on islamic extremists. it was an innovative way, out of the box way, to get intelligence from high-level al qaeda figures that knew we had the information. in terms of the $80 million, i really don't know how much money was spent, but if it saved one american life, it was worth it. >> you mentioned abu zubaydah. you mentioned in the report he was interrogated for 2 1/2 months but at no time did he provide operatives in or future attacks against the united states. any regrets about what was done
8:07 am
to him? my question is are you different about what this report says under enhanced interrogation? >> look. the truth of the matter is since 2002 abu zubaydah had been severely wounded during capture, f and for a couple of months we were trying to talk to him, interrogate him in the company of the fbi. he gave up a couple of pieces of important information but after he regained his strength, he stopped talking. we knew there was an impending second wave of attacks coming, we knew we needed the information. we needed to find a new way to do this and the rest is history. the summer months of 2002, we put the program together, and in august for 20 days, we -- they went through the enhanced
8:08 am
enteargation program and after that we started to systematically take down the organization. >> thank you, jose. >> all right. jose rodriguez. we'll have to leave it there. ahead on "cbs this morning," walmart's big fight against the online giant amazon. how the big box store chain is turning to silicon valley to boost
8:09 am
high-tech companies want to help us follow our kids. we're checking on rodney, one of our producers. let's see. where is rodney now? where in the world is rodney? one of the latest wearable trends. we're going to find you.
8:10 am
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walmart is the world's biggest retailer. it topped the fortune 500 list
8:14 am
two years in a row. this holiday season it is trying to prove it can stay number one. walmart report add disappointing fall in sales the third quarter. it predicts it will be flat and slightly higher the rest of the year. they're looking to a new leader to turn things around. if the slogan "save money, live better" is walmart's rallying cree. ceo doug mcmillan is leading the charge and the prime chief is primed for battle. >> who's your competition? >> seems like everybody today. >> costco and -- >> yeah, brick and mortar. >> we visited with him last week at a busy walmart in the heart of d.c. >> we do our best to go to stores unannounced. if they know we're coming, sometimes they'll clean up. >> really. >> he took over the business at
8:15 am
48. he's walmart's youngest c o'o since sam walton founded the company. his rise has been years in the making. >> i first started working for the company 30 years ago. i was looking for summer work to help save money for college. >> you're an arkansas boy. >> was, i am. i was surprised when i worked in that warehouse how much theyloved the company. >> did you think you were in it for the long term? >> i thinkknew i loved it. >> they're undergoing a technology information and they're scramble to find out the winning combination of brick and mortar stores and virtual ones. >> app. has stores. there's the talk of google having stores. is it we're going to see in the future of retail a combination of brick and mortar.
8:16 am
is that where they're going too be? >> i think that's what they want. it results in lowest prices, broader assortment and customer service that's above it. that's the winning formula and it ease always been the winning formula. >> walmart is pour 2g million into e-commerce and an investment that's being managed not in arkansas but in silicon valley. >> do you think we're ready? >> i think so. >> here they study online activity by the minute. some see this as walmart taking a page from a competitor's playbook. amazon ceo jeff bezos. >> it is said that that's the company that you look at and see the most competitive force at play. it is said that you've given ever executive of your company a copy of the biography about jeff.
8:17 am
>> we believe in learning from other people and what amazon's doing and what jeff's doing is showing us and showing the world what's possible. i admire that. >> but what are they doing that you admire? >> very customer-focused, moving with speed, just putting ideas at work that are directly bin official to customers. >> the irony of this is he studied sam walton. jeff bezos studied sam walton and you're studying jeff pay zoes. >> we're trying to learn from sam walton, learn from competition, and on a global basis be able to be the very best as we try to bring it all together. >> a key part of mcmillan's plan is happy associates. for years walmart's been criticized for its treatment of its lowest paid workers. out of 1.3 million u.s. employees, around 6,000 make minimum wage. mcmillan told me he's going fix
8:18 am
that. >> we're going to make changes in a few months where no walmart associate in the united states will make minimum wage. we'll be ahead of it with our starting wage. >> is this one of those places where you believe it's the perception of walmart and the reality of walmart? >> i do. >> why do you believe it exists? >> in the world there's a debate over inequity, and sometimes we get caught up in that and retail does in general, but we couldn't run a good business if we don't take care of people and have compensation plans that work. >> but for mcmillan, the ultimate proof of change will come in walmart's performance. >> so there was in your career someone who raised this question. we know he loves the company, but does he love it enough to change it? how will we know the answer to that question? >> you have to watch what we do. here's one example of how the retail industry is changing.
8:19 am
over thanksgiving weekend 70% of walmart's online purchases were made from shoppers' mobile devices. mcmillan said that even surprised him. >> he left you with great tease. you know what was fascinating to me is most people have you shut down the store when you're doing the interview, but you're sitting there right in the middle of the store. >> people would run up and walk to -- it was noisy. >> i like that you were right there in the mix doing that. >> we all know that walmart has been disruptive in communities. amazon has eruptive and the opportunity is sell everything to everybody. >> were you impressed with mr. mcmillan? >> yes. >> he said wait till you see what we can do. we'll be watching, mr. mcmillan. >> yes. we'll be watching. why holiday scammers are here at this time of the year and what you can do to protect your personal informatition. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:20 am
8:21 am
up to 27% more brush movements. patented sonic technology with get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season.
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8:23 am
jie bet you guys know this. a mom is a mom no matter what. this mom is a mom of begans in
8:24 am
china. one of the world's only surviving panda triplets. the mother took care of them one at a time while keepers raised the other. a collective ah. there's something about pandas. >> it's hard when you have three, but you have to give them equal time. >> says mama panda. >> do pandas have a great maternal instincts? >> you do. your heart expands a little bit wider. you know how to do that. >> we do. speaking of hearts, the salvation army kettle collected a ring. she dropped off her wedding ring and her husband ease as well as a note. >> they're in our toyota green
8:25 am
room taking a good morning, i'm ukee washington. updating our breaking news. philadelphia police are questioning two drexel university students, after a stabbing outside of a campus residents hall. another student is in the hospital, at the university of pennsylvania. he was stabbed during a fight about 3:00 o'clock this morning outside myers hall on the 33 hundred block of race street. so far there have been no arrests. katie has your forecast from the weather center, good morning. >> overall it is quiet to start the daze off but problem is our nor'easter from yesterday having completely made it whole retreat. we will be left with rain and snow showers and you might see accumulation out there farther north is best prospects for that. you can already see speckles of purple firing up across
8:26 am
portions of the lehigh valley and poconos. there are winter weather advisories posted until early tomorrow morning for carbon and monroe counties specifically but everybody else, as we see these showers at all, they will have a very hard time accumulating out there 32 degrees the the night time low with the snow shower around and very similar forecast tomorrow. by wait it stays breezy for next few days too. lead nothing to friday and weekend much quieter weather taking back control here with high pressure in place and we will warm up too. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. if you are traveling right now on our majors anyplace that you would find rush hour traffic is what you are seeing this morning. look at 422. 422 eastbound we are seeing delays from oaks down to 202, averaging speed sensors in the the 30's and it is not only on 422, but it will be on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike out of willow grove. on the westbound side of the schuylkill where you are traveling even lower than 25, 33 is your average on the blue route, 14 on i-95 your southbound delay out of the north east is not fun at all.
8:27 am
watch out for an accident dekalb pike and main street, ukee. >> next update 85:00 56789 up next on cbs this morning a look back at gone with the wind which premiered 75 years ago. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the cw p
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
they tried to stop us. and it takes me and my strength to be here today. on a school bus in 2012 but nukter their ideas or bullets could win. we survived. and since that day our voices have grown louder and louder. >> that was malala yousafzai accepting her nobel peace prize this morning. you remember her. she was shot in the head by taliban militants in 2012 for campaigning for girls' education. doesn't she get more impressive every time we see her? what is she now, 17? >> she is more and more
8:31 am
impressive every time she talks. she makes the hair stand up on my arms. she has such a powerful boy and she brought the girls who saw her get shot on the bus. she's an incredible person. >> first ever to receive the nobel peace prize. >> go, malala. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, hackers are finding new way doms after you this holiday season. they're coming. we'll show you the sophisticated e-mails of gift delivery. i got one of these. >> so did i. >> i thought, what is this. >> did you click on it? >> i did. >> oh, i didn't. >> that could end up stealing personal information. >> plus, the ladies of "the talk" are back in new york. good morning, ladies. as you can see they're in the toyota green room and clearly they've had coffee this morning. >> or something. >> we're going to talk with them about prince william and a visit to the united states. plus there's a new dating app that putting women in charge.
8:32 am
>> so much to look forward to. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. rolling stones says bob dylan's new album is a tribute to frank sinat sinatra. it includes "full moon and empty arms." bob dylan's "shadow of the night" debut ed. >> he was charge fourth degree for chinese takeout. they admitted their website prices were outdated. he fired off five e-mails. he said i think they should refund me three times the overcharge. the more you try to claim your res wasn't was not at fault, the
8:33 am
more determined i am to seek a greater sanction against you. >> mr. edelman needs to take a chill pill. seat kickers are the worst passengers on plane. >> that's so true. >> very true. in a survey 67% said rear seat kickers were the most annoying. inattentive parents with screaming children are guilty. >> guilty. >> i don't believe you. >> and aromatic passengers with too much perfume or body odor ranked third. can we say deodorant is not o r overrated. >> and can i say do not get mexican takeout and get on a plane. have you ever experienced that? >> i have. >> what do you say -- >> stand by, jan. christmas is just over two weeks away. by estimate over 50% plan to
8:34 am
shop online. that's inciting theevs to target you. jan crawford is here with anyone with an e-mail. >> i've got a warning. >> that's charlie's way of saying we're moving on. >> so these are called phishing scams. i know you said you got one the other day. they're e-mails designed to look like delivery photony indications or confirmations when you're trying to track your online order. now that it's the holidaying securities are warning about a slew of scam e-mails. they can infect your computer and, gayle, be careful, steal your personal information. 'tis the season for clicking and shipping. hundreds of millions of gifts are being shopped for online. that's the most ever but with the shopping bonanza comes a
8:35 am
variety of e-mail scams, exploiting shoppers. >> it's seasonal. they'll use the season to take advantage of you. >> reporter: claire rosenschlag. >> everybody's all excited. they're shopping, they're shipping, and scammers love this. >> reporter: online orders are tracked by confirmations and delivery updates. scammers posing as retailers, banks or shipping companies produce e-mails that look real. order confirmation, status notification, or package undeliverable. if you click on these links or if you open the attachment, there's a good chance that you're putting malware and spyware onto your computer. it can sit there door manl and take your key strokes down the line so you may as well open up your personal inform snoogs passwords, banking information,
8:36 am
they can get all that just by e-mail says you have a package ready to pick up. >> exactly. >> she says these so-called phishing scams are evolving. >> the concept of phishing isn't new, that is getting you to share your information by posing as another party. spearfishing is getting more specific and targeted toward you. >> target security analysts have issued new alerts about spearfish i spearfishing scamming. >> don't fall for that impulse to take on the linc. take the extra moment gorks to the source, find out the real phone number, real url and find out what's going on before you react. >> so obviously the lesson here, if you get an e-mail from someone you don't know or a website you don't recognize, take a second and investigate it before you open it. and if it asks for any personal
8:37 am
information without you first locking logging in, it's likely bogus. go to the company's actual website. >> these ooh important information. i got one of those as well. >> i thought someone was sending me a present. i got very excited. but now i know. now i know. >> now we know. all right. wearable gadgets are a multi-million-dollar industry. one way to think bigger is by thinking smaller. l.g. created the gizmo pal. it allows parents to keep an eye on their children. good morning. >> good morning. >> how does it work? >> sure. it seems a lot of people are interested. this is basically a phone and a tracker device. you can find out where your kids go, set alerts to find out where they've about been at certain
8:38 am
times and call one of two contacts. all you do is press there button. it's a one-button as well. you can tell them, hey, where are you. get over here. it's like a walkie-talkie. >> we put one on rodney. he's not a kid but is baby fa faced. where is he? >> it says he's in columbus sir kcull circle. >> >> where are you, rodney? >> i'm here on columbus circle. you found me. i have one on might wrist. they have pink too. >> these work nation-wise. they have their own cellular
8:39 am
signal collection. >> no matter where you go. >> right. >> if you're in trans. >> you could still check and track it. there's a question about globally will these work. right now you pay about 5 to $10 a month depending on what network. it's connected to at&t. verizon. another one, filip is on verizon. others pay for global warming. >> you expressed reser sagss about whether it's a good idea and the ladies in the green room bitch slapped you and so you're thinking it's a good thing. >> it's for safety if you want to keep an eye on kids. i feel like we've been able to keep an eye on kids. >> but times are differerent. >> times are different and they're pretty affordable and it's a phone. >> i like it. >> mine are 27 and 28 or i'd get two of those. the big apple is here to
8:40 am
host the royals. the ladies of "the talk" are here. they'll give us their impression of the royal couple. can you finish? >> yes. the royal couple.
8:41 am
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8:44 am
my sister-in-law. >> yes. the royals -- >> it's a fantasy of mine being surrounded by such women. >> and it came through today, december 10th. merry christmas. the royals are not -- >> the gift that keeps on giving. >> grabbing attention. >> the ladies of cbs's daytime show "the talk" took their show on the road. they're right here. julie chen, the host, you know them, sharon osborne, cherry taylor and -- >> she's not here because shes she pregnant. >> she's a little lesbian, so she needs more time.
8:45 am
>> you're saying lesbians need more time? >> they're much more active than we are. >> linda perry is sara gilbert's wife. >> do you think that is a co-inky difrpg. >> i wanted to let them in on the inside info. >> sayra just woke up. >> thank you, ryan. there's always a different kind of energy, don't you think, when you bring a slow on the road. what's it like coming to new york from l.a.? >> a, any time you think road trip, you think geerng drink and stay up all night and we're no different. p>> it's like a school trip. >> and we look at the video at home and we have a great time together at the show, but we're
8:46 am
always trying to find time. we get that in new york. we get to have cocktails an dish a little bit because our busy lives are left back in l.a. and that's really nice. >> are you obsessoring about the royals as i am? >> me personally. no. i'm not that fascinated with royalty. >> sharon is, yeah. >> charlie is loving you right now. >> i love them. >> in the world of many interesting things. >> they're a lovely young cou e couple, they really are. they are a delight. i said yesterday on the show i feel kind of like they're so vulnerable, so english, you bring them here and they kind of like -- they really stand out because they're so english. >> they're english? >> stereotypical, you know. >> this is a fun thing. they feel young, vibrant. >> vulnerable.
8:47 am
>> their royalty is meeting our royalty. >> after hearing mark know lar say, you know, they hired -- >> a p.r. firm. i think are we buying into this whole image? >> i think behind them is a machine. >> that's what mark phillips said. everyone needs a spin. >> when we came back to be on air you were asked about not the royals but the cia and cam newton. >> yes. we wish cam newton well and then the cia is pushing back here saying there are things we had to do. the administration said it's tock do and it's under the law, then why is everybody in an uprar about this? >> it's great. it shows what the talk is about.
8:48 am
it it's about the subject. >> not just about them. >> we're just talking about it. i mean honestly are they meant to say, well, we'll get you a lawyer and the interrogation will begin in an hour. get your laurks somebody from human rights? the world doesn't work that way. there's no time for this. within an hour the situation can change, within a minute. so you know what? you fight fire with fire, i'm sorry. >> james who's done a remark shl john and taken over for ferguson, they're going to have some substitutes. >> well, well, well. >> when is that? >> we're taking over the week of january 12th. we're -- >> are you each taking a -- >> no. one for all, all for one. the ladies of "the talk lts will
8:49 am
take over. drew carey. a lot of cbs stars. >> did munoz let you know? >> did you tell them? >> i did. >> that's good. >> they say don't tell. i don't tell. >> if you forget to say those words, i'm not supposed to tell. >> what night do you want us to join you? >> every night. >> thank you ladies of "the talk." 1:00 p.m. pacific wh
8:50 am
8:51 am
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all right. that does it for us. few news any time anywhere, log
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we have some breaking news for you right now, a major water main break at germantown and jefferson in north philadelphia. it has you can see right here water, every where. this is the fire department and water crews begin to get a handle on this. you can see it still pumping out. we do know there are evacuations taking place and that includes a nearby day care center. you can get latest information on talk philly at noon and anytime at cbs and vittoria will have have an update in one minute. but first lets check with katie and we don't see any rain right new, right. >> at least in the right now, for sure but we are still dealing with the back edge of the large nor'easter starting to close itself off but as a result of that you can see it
8:56 am
up threw up state insuring additional moisture funneling in. you can see it is moving from north to south slowly but surely. eventually and even already we have seen a few flakes flying, a few rain drops falling, portions of the lehigh valley and poconos and that will drop south with time here. in philadelphia it is a rain or snow shower. don't expect much, if any, accumulation around the city but you may see coating or a few inches in the poconos. snow shower also on tap here for tonight, again not accumulating, and still breezy so knock a few degrees off the thermometer at anytime for a fels like value, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. if you are traveling in the kensington section, we were talking about this earlier when we came this with this breaking news situation, traveling in north philadelphia, this is in germantown, between germantown and jefferson street. you will notice some water popping up from the roadway here this will be affecting any local bus routes in this area and also they're vac waited some folks in this
8:57 am
section, so germantown and jefferson north philadelphia, water main break, it will be setting you back this morning on top of rush hour delays that you will's have on i-95 and skew you kill expressway, quarter. thanks, variety tore y that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up wi-fi access in more places then ever before. all your favorites in the cloud and on every device. a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast bringing media and technology together for you.
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>> what would you do if you showed up to your child's class one day >> your child's in a cage. >> the reasy will shock you. >> i was 26 years old when i got the implants and 10 years later i looked in the mirror, >> what happeon whand can it be fixed? >> here's what's happening in today's news in two. >> what the white house told news in two about ned, the symp that sent obama to the hospital. >> don't miss the clue for today's entry to win a million dollar healthy home! ♪ >> hello, everyone, and welcome to the doctors. we start the show with a hot headline that has nt of -- has a lot of folks


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